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The slowness of summer struck our house this week. No amount of caffeine or coaxing can pry anything faster than the speed of a turtle – a turtle in slow motion. After our whirlwind weekend, those same friends stopped in for a bit as they did a little road-tripping of their own.
Since then, I’ve worked on a custom order in the studio as well as new, eco-friendly pretties for the shop. Now I’ll just have to pin down the model and photograph the little suckers. They’re SOOOO pretty. I usually say, “Ooh, I’m keeping this one!” before reluctantly listing it in my Etsy shop. Ever experience this?
Until then, a question (another question)…
Now that summer is upon us, how do you spend/organize your days?


  • Wait, it's SUMMER?
    come on, really?

    we are still struggling with weather in the 50s. I'll let you know in a few weeks.

  • Lorelei, lol, oh yeah baby. Head on down to Atlanta to experience the early mugginess and heat of the south. We don't believe in a prolonged spring around here. 🙂

  • That slowness hit me this morning. I can't get going for anything. (Might also be a good book to blame…)

  • All organization during the summer goes out the balmy window since The Boy doesn't go to camp. Work a bit in the morning, pool during the day, work a bit more once I put him to bed. Try & escape to the beach as much as possible!

  • I have begun tackling one room/closet/counter/cabinet at a time to slowly simplify each space. It feels good each time I carry a bag out to Goodwill, the dumpster or recycling bin.

    In spite of this mugginess and heat, I am enjoying working with my office windows open all day long!

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