When your house is for sale and Ms. Realtor calls saying she wants to show said house and said house is dirty, you drop everything and clean. Shoot. This results in lost studio time and a tutorial-less Tuesday. (Maybe I can get one in later in this week – fingers crossed) The good news? Today was much better and I finished four new handbags & totes! SO cute and heading to the shop tonight around eight-ish.

studio waterstone recycled leather handbags

…assuming, of course, that Ms. Realtor does not call back.


P.S. I have a fifth tote very close behind in a beautiful red leather which I literally saved from the most gosh awful ugly red leather coat I’ve seen in my entire life. Details tomorrow. 🙂


  • You’re a time management hero.
    I’m usually just freak out and can’t do anything in these situations.

    Loving the new bags especially the far left one with the floral pattern (and the light blue polka dot lining. cute!) The fabric and leather works so well together.

  • If… this is Mr. Realtors last visit.. then that means the client likes it and want to make it their own… oh I shall hope! Waiting can be an anxiety.. It will be good to proceed forth!!!

    GorGeous Bags.. of coarse!

  • Thank you, thank you for saving that lovely red leather and not letting it remain the ugliest coat on the planet. Happy cleaning (up) for Ms. Realtor every time she calls.

    I am loving all your new bags and wish I could scoop up every one of them!

  • Galit – thank you! Sadly, I freak, THEN clean. 🙂

    Lisa and Debi – I wish it would go fast – but then I’d have to pack. AGGHHHHH!!!

    Princess – It smells rather nice and leathery, I must say.

    Kelley – I kick myself in the behind for not taking a picture of that leather coat! It was awful – vivid red (which makes a great handbag, but a COAT?) floral leather (which will be a blast to work with) and brocade. UGALEE is all I can say.

  • Drooling over those bags!

    When Ms. Realtor calls, that’s a good thing! ( I have been there with the clean up now phone call. I know it sucks, but so worth it in the end)

    Here is wishing you a less stressful week ahead!

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