We’ve had the beautiful, fluffy white stuff all day here in Atlanta. It’s been the best kind of snow – pretty to watch and nonstick. It just floats around in the wind. Mr. W and I are enjoying a warm fire, great scenery, a warm bowl of beef stew, and corn muffins.


studio waterstone francine toukou
Snow Blossom Cowl by Francine Toukou

studio waterstone oopsiknititagain


  • Love all the snowflakes…I have snowflake earrings I wore this weekend.

    Wow, you have snow in Atlanta?? Nothing yet here in Delaware but a few stray flakes in the air once in a while. It is COLD, though – frigid. Supposed to be good viewing for the meteor showers tonight, but it’s too cloudy. Maybe Craig will get his wish and we’ll have snow tonight!

    Enjoy that cozy fire!


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