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And this just happens to be one of those times.

1 ] Avocado by Christina Hess
2 ] Cupcake and Dragonfly by Art by Delilah
3 ] Kitchen Artichokes by Erin Reynolds Photography
4 ] Eggcellent by Nature and Urbs
5 ] Georgia Peaches by Stephen Thurston
6 ] Sliced Lemon by Painted Postcard

This past weekend, our dear friends took their only son far, far away for his first year of college. MY boys had gone on a weekend biking excursion so it was up to the ladies of the house to entertain and stop the commotion. We cried, “What ever shall we do to stop their crying and whining and moaning?” The answer?

Laughter and food.

And lots of it.

It worked.

How do you calm a broken heart?

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