waterstone lori plyler artisan recycled bags & jewelry
Hi all! Sophie here. The boss is really tired after a long day of doing whatever it is that she does in her room of stuff. Allz I know is that when we walked outside today to point the black box at a few of those things she’s obsessed with, I spotted a goose standing by the pond, close enough to catch! What’s a black-haired girl to do?
I didn’t actually catch the monster, but I ran her into the water. Then I swam around in circles. The boss, yelling and waving her arms, was clearly cheering me on. I felt proud. She was so happy with my watchgirl duties that she gave me a bath, toweled me off and sent me straight to my porch. (Don’t know why though. The smell of Georgia mud is lovely this time of year.)
What? (You’ll have to speak louder. I have water in my ears.) Did she get to point the little black box toward the things she put together? No, she decided she’d rather give me a bath. She’ll be back tomorrow.
Oops – almost forgot. The boss wants you to look at the thing (okay I need to get this right), the thing that is free. It’s here somewhere. For cryin’ out loud, it’s hard to type when you don’t have opposable thumbs!
woof. woof. drool. drip.


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