sophisms – the gaze

My feet are up.  I’m sitting inside on a cool fall day editing photos, all comfy and warm. I glance up and this is what I see – evidence of Sophie’s pleading gaze, post dinner. The gaze to fill a thousand hearts with immense guilt.
that gaze.  it means “it’s time.  you’re forgetting and I’m reminding you.”








Sophie Collage
Sophie – possessor of the gaze which also melts a thousand hearts – or maybe just mine.
And I never regret answering her call.
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  1. Sophie knows what’s good for her… and you! Those fall colors are glorious! And I would love to have a Sophie of my own one day to remind me to stop what I am doing, enjoy the walk and marvel at the beauty. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. that gaze may actually convince me to get a dog. my son has been asking for years. and those fall colors are gorgeous.

  3. Oh how I miss the gaze of my best friend Sam (a yellow lab)! Sophie is absolutley adorable and your Fall photos are wonderful! She just wanted to experience the gorgeous colors, too! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Oh! Thank you so much for the gorgeous glimpse of Fall… I miss it so much living in Florida! There is nothing like the turning of the leaves accept maybe (first snow)… no… not even that :)))

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