Spring Cleaning and Found Treasures

It started small and innocent enough in my cosmetics drawer. Then it moved into my closet. Eventually nothing else mattered. It was like I was possessed. I became…

crazy, once or twice a year, spring cleaning lady.

Once I finished with the house stuff I moved on to the studio. Not kidding you when I say that it was almost beyond repair. Someone may have threatened to scrap the entire thing. But I persevered.

And then I found things. Things from long ago. Things I did before I did other things.

This, if you were ever in art school, happened to you at one time or another. The draped fabric pencil still life. I always loved this so I kept it, hidden way back in the reaches of my closet in one of my portfolios. (JK – my closet’s not that big.)

A pastel I began working on when my adults were babies. About halfway into it, I decided that I wasn’t too crazy about pastel.

A watercolor of my little bit bigger babies and the dog. It became one of those paintings you begin and cannot finish and suddenly it’s just too much. (I think our doggie was eying the kid’s cookies. That was my favorite part.)

After awhile, once I began to see a light at the end of a long, long tunnel, I became inspired which was my ultimate goal in this entire fiasco. Cleaning, when there is no giddy up or inspiration, works like a charm for me.

So I pulled out the acrylics. Thereby making a brand new mess.

And painted a background by dinnertime. Now it’s time to play. More on that soon.

What do you do to ignite inspiration? Do you, too, become crazy spring cleaning lady/fella?


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