Amazing Margarita Pizza

September 9, 2017recipes 1 Comment

One of my crazy obsessions for probably the past two years has been how to make the best authentic, brick oven like margarita pizza possible. After tons of research and weekly testing, I’m 99.9% there – with consistency being that elusive .1% and, I’ll be honest, I blame that .1% on the weather. Kid you … Read More

Russian Tea

August 29, 2017original paintings, small paintings 1 Comment

Why we become fixated with certain things or topics is a mystery to me but I have to admit that lately I’ve been fixated on tea cups and pots and their ingredients and sometimes houses. That’s it. Try and psychoanalyze that one.   Anyhow, my subject this past week was a steaming hot cup of … Read More

Tea Time

August 23, 2017from the studio, original paintings, small paintings 1 Comment

Last weekend I treated our recently graduated from college daughter to a girl’s weekend at the beach. Honestly, it was a more than a bit of a treat for me as well since we’re not beach people and, therefore, rarely go. When we weren’t partaking of some sort of food or beverage, we were beach … Read More

Painting Small and Simple

August 17, 2017from the studio, original paintings 4 Comments

Lately, I’ve become enamored with painting small and simple. It began with watercolors, the medium I’m most familiar with, and from there it meandered through gouache to acrylics. The painting above is of a very old farmhouse just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. My own love affair with this place began over 35 years ago! … Read More

Happy Weekend, Original Paintings and the 100 Day Project

April 22, 2017100 Day Project, instagramming, my sketchbook, original paintings, watercolor 1 Comment

Happy weekend! (Lucy says hi) So, what are your plans? We’re sadly leaving the mountains behind and returning back to Atlanta, ending what was a lovely, after Easter vacation. I’ve got some 100 Day Project updates and (happily) announce that the original paintings from this project are going to be available for purchase. I’m so … Read More