Got Lemons?

March 4, 2017my sketchbook, society6

This week I came across a photograph of lemons which begged to be sketched. Trying to appear more “painterly”, I aimed for the loose and splattered vibe. (Sorry for the image quality – phone – nighttime.) (via instagram) Then I added “Happy March”. Because it was bright and spring-like and it was March first. March first, people! … Read More

March Calendar Desktop Download

March 1, 2017freebies

Can you believe it’s MARCH already? Geez the months – years – are flying by right before my very eyes. And I know what you may be thinking. Those damn flowers AGAIN? I happen to have a special place saved for all things green/blue/turquoise/periwinkle. It is what it is, folks. At least I put it … Read More

Cactus Rose

February 24, 2017from the studio, my sketchbook, watercolor

I snapped an image with my iPhone yesterday and posted it on Instagram asking, “Is it finished?” Once of my biggest issues when painting is knowing when to walk away. I have learned over the years that if I have that question, walk away then return to reassess. What’s your take on the subject? The … Read More


February 20, 2017my sketchbook

Hi there! This is the first real post from my new blogging home and I’m oddly nervous. As if I haven’t been doing this for almost nine years (!) Today I want to share a bit of life on and off line as well as the progression of my latest sketchbook entry.  Health-wise I’m chugging along, … Read More

A New Tote and a Great Sale!

February 1, 2017bags, modern calligraphy, society6 1 Comment

This is how it started out as a print. BTW, it’s currently available as a hand pulled relief print as well.   Recently, I created this “Be Unique” linocut relief print for my Sketch.Paint.Print challenge. Of course, I couldn’t let things go with that. I felt that the image reversed would make a fantastically inspirational … Read More

Sketchbook: Turquoise & Cream Floral

January 30, 2017my sketchbook

Instagram image Last week I indulged in me time at the cabin. It was horrible. I wore my pajamas practically the entire time. Read, watched movies and did a little painting. This one was from…December 18th. I know. I get totally over zealous with my titles.  Now I’m back home readying for Christmas with the … Read More

Sketch.Paint.Print. No. 5

January 14, 2017printmaking, sketch.paint.print.

  Hiya and Happy New Year! I took an extra long break from mid December until last week and am ready to get back to “normal” life. On a personal note, my surgery went very well and now the waiting happens. With any luck, the surgery will have nudged the second phase of this disease … Read More

Sketchbook: It’s Never Too Early

October 30, 2016modern calligraphy, my sketchbook

Since most of my family (along with the rest of the population) nursed a cold last week and the other part of my family nursed the absence of wisdom teeth and a vast number of you just tried to say warm , this saying seems entirely apropos – me thinks. Playing with stamps, pastels and … Read More

Sketch.Paint.Print. No. 4

October 12, 2016printmaking, sketch.paint.print.

  Seemed like it had been too long since I’d REALLY played around with lettering so last week I dug down deep into my file of favorite quotes and came up with this one from Ralph Waldo Emerson.     I sketched it out and (again) decided print before paint. For some reason, printing in … Read More

New “Cook It Yourself” Tote

October 1, 2016society6

Well folks, I finally put a couple of my lino prints to good use. This tote may be one of my favorites. Want breakfast? Cook it yourself!Me to a “T”. I will be taking advantage of this discount from Society 6. All of my totes and carry all zip pouches are on sale SUNDAY ONLY. … Read More