Simple Solution: Easy Relief Print Registration

September 19, 2016printmaking, tutorials

    This simple solution is an alternative to my earlier relief print registration tutorial. Both work great and are simple but this one can be done with materials you’re likely to have around the house.   You’ll need:   Mark the center both horizontally and vertically on your sheet of paper. Then block off … Read More

New Relief Prints in the Shop

September 15, 2016art prints

Someone asked me the other day on Instagram when I would be offering my linocut prints for sale and my reply was as soon as I get my ducks in a row. Life gets in the way of so much – or is it the other way around?  Good news. I got a few ducks … Read More

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.3

September 12, 2016my sketchbook, printmaking, sketch.paint.print.

  Lately, I’ve been working crazy hard on this new project. But this past weekend I had a terrible hankering to carve. Pretty sure I once said that when carving gets in your blood it’s almost impossible to ignore. It’s true. Anyway. I wanted to carve.   But to carve, you must first sketch. Not … Read More

Sketch.Paint.Print. No.2

September 9, 2016my sketchbook, printmaking, sketch.paint.print., watercolor

Hydie ho! It’s Friday. Any plans? We’ll be hanging around here – chasing the dog, losing sleep, you know, the usual. I’ll be painting, too – hopefully. Remember when I said I used to paint house portraits? Well, I did along with many other subjects. Lately, it’s the house portraits I’ve been focused on. I … Read More

Sketchbook: You Are My Favorite Destination

August 21, 2016my sketchbook

A little painting from my time spent alone last week. (You may have seen a sneaky peek on Instagram.) While eating cake and drinking coffee, tea and wine and creating things like this I must have been missing my other half a bit because this little phrase popped into my head. I was amazed how … Read More

Sketchbook: The Only Person

August 7, 2016my sketchbook

Playing with letters again. And as for the quote – can I get an amen? Enjoy your day, friends. Tools: This homemade art journal, Faber Castell Pen, everyday mechanical pencil, this eraser

Sketchbook: Magnolia

April 18, 2016my sketchbook

  Because I couldn’t get enough magnolia after creating my most recent print, I was compelled (or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment?) to rethink saucer magnolia in watercolor.     It worked better in watercolor.   So, I’m back in Atlanta now. Back in the studio and full of spring/summer visions for bags … Read More

Sketchbook: April 13th

April 13, 2016my sketchbook

I’m so excited to have some sort of order now – such as… When at home, work on bags, bags, bags. When in the mountains, make art, art, art. You, of course, understand why this took, literally, years to conclude. Yesterday we left Atlanta, where the pollen is juuuuussst beginning to ebb. We drove to … Read More

52 Weeks of Print: 1/52 Seedpod

April 3, 201652 Weeks of Print, printmaking

I need a challenge for the sake of creativity and keeping my brain centered. (Don’t you?) And even though it may be a struggle, I am committed. (Join me?) Original Sketch. Of course, it won’t always be detailed. Simple, after all, is exquisite. (Don’t you think?) 52 Weeks of Print: Week One “the seed pod” … Read More

Easy DIY Relief Print Registration Board

February 17, 2016printmaking, tutorials

A new art technique/hobby starts out innocent enough, right? Take printmaking. You carve something, turn the carving over onto a sheet of paper and press really hard. Simple stuff. It always starts out simple. Next thing you know, you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole. Such is my life, my friend. Such is my life. Before … Read More

DIY: Leather Planner With Interchangeable Inserts

September 14, 2015tutorials 1 Comment

To say I get excited about making my own planner would be a gross understatement. I have been planning since Thanksgiving.   If you’re not up to date, last year my favorite planner was discontinued and, with a very stubborn and somewhat angry attitude, I decided to make my own version.   While perusing options … Read More