easy apron tutorial – part two

March 5, 2010crafting, tutorials 6 Comments

Love cute little aprons? Me, too!! This is part two of my Super Cute & Easy Apron Tutorial. For Part one, click here. Then hop back over to see the big finish. Okay, we’ve got the bottom of the apron. Now if you’re super messy like me or if you’re simply a full on apron … Read More

super cute & easy apron tutorial

March 4, 2010crafting, tutorials 8 Comments

The colorful aprons in the shops are gorgeous, but expensive. With this tutorial, a super cute & easy apron can be whipped up in less thirty minutes. Seriously. I’ll show you part two next for the top because while the little half aprons are adorable, I personally need to protect a larger area. 🙂 First, … Read More

Sundress for Spring

March 1, 2010crafting 9 Comments

Finally got a few pictures of the my new sundress for spring. I fell in love with this fabric. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the pattern was so easy to sew. It’s basic enough that you can tweak it until (as we say in the south) the cows come home plus it has five variations … Read More

Easy Cardigan Alteration

February 25, 2010crafting, tutorials 14 Comments

You’ve been there. Shopping, I mean. You’re in the Lucky Brand store and feel quite frenzied because they’re having the holy grail of all sales, a “50% off the lowest price” sale. You find this cute little item for a song, take it home only to realize that it really doesn’t look that great. You … Read More


February 18, 2010bags, family 5 Comments

My favorite daughter (translate – only) agreed to model purses for me today and after playing with backdrops, etc. for what seemed like forever, we determined that simple was the way to go. I’m pretty happy with the initial results. Do you use a model? Do you like seeing products modeled? Opinions are valuable. So … Read More

Indulging Creative Expression

November 18, 2009crafting 9 Comments

Amazing what cleaning and organizing the studio will do for creativity. As I last reported, the studio was in dire need. So last weekend I got to work and in doing so unleashed that mind-blowing, dangerously bipolar-like episode that many artsy types know so well. Once things begin to flow you just tell everyone to … Read More

Artistic Expressions

August 27, 2009home 6 Comments

I have a spectacular art collection. Chances are, you may have the same collection. Here’s an option. Do you have a collection like this? Photograph your items as if they were treasured objects (after all they are, aren’t they?) Then frame them in simple black frames with wide white mats. You don’t even have to … Read More