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All of my various interests and the accompanying paraphernalia are, quite sadly, spread throughout our home. Now that J will very soon be setting up his office as well, I am on a mission to reorganize my studio to include not only sewing but art supplies. Folks, we’re talking years of accumulation. Paints, inks, brushes, etc…

from the studio

tons of books (I have issues)…

from the studio

from the studio

from the studio

from the studio

from the studio

leather, machines, fabric, work table…

from the studio

Honestly, I am psyched about making it orderly and pretty (yes, pretty!) I have a few sources of inspiration below. Enjoy – I hope they inspire you, too…

studio inspiration

I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Organized your space lately? I’d love to hear your tips and suggestions.

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  1. Ha ha. Aren’t we all in the same boat. My supplies sometimes creep out of my office/gym/husband’s book storage area and breed in different parts of the house 🙂 I need to organize badly too! You should look at some “craft room” or organization boards on pinterest. There are some great idea boards out there.

  2. I keep all my brushes in pottery vases but I am totally loving the urn filled with brushes! Even if you NEVER used any of the brushes it looks fabulous as a decorative piece.

  3. I am using stacked sideways milk crates that I got at a womens shelter. They are colorful & cheap. Plus the money then goes to the shelter. I like finding ways to use odd things for other purposes.Have fun!

  4. Oh, I do know what this feels like!
    However, after the last “organization,” I swore I would be more mindful of keeping things that way, and I have actually done quite well. 🙂

    Happy day to you, Lori!

  5. Your art studio is fabulous perfect for the wonderful artist you are, love the urn full of brushes, you always inspire me my dear Lori, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day.
    Mine will be rearranging my studio to put in my airconditioner, have to move everything, it’s going to be 36C ehha to hot for me, where did spring go?? :O)..

  6. Nothing from me to share as I’m still in the midst of my own mess(es). But thanks so much for sharing your inspirations today. Love, love the paint brush bouquets in pretty pots!

  7. About two months ago, it occurred to me that I not only wanted all of my sewing/needleworking/papercraft supplies to fit in my allotted space but that I also wanted to be able to walk around that space without tripping.
    So I have become ruthless about passing supplies along…including 30 pounds (I weighed it) of felted wool. Getting rid of things has loosened up the space AND my creative juices!

    I had weighed myself down with so many future projects by hanging onto the ‘ingredients’ to make them, that my productivity was about nil. When I got rid of things in my first sweep, I was sewing within the hour!

    So, I guess my tip is to be ruthless! Figure out how much space you want free and how much you are willing to store, and then make your supplies match what is in your head!

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