summer food favorites

2 summer food favorites

Food photography is my nemesis. Hands down. No question about it. I adore beautiful food photography (like this) but it seems to be the most difficult thing to capture…beautifully. Maybe that’s why I adore it so much, no?

Anywho, for this week’s “foodie” assignment with the Focus on Life project, I decided to put the focus on my summer faves beginning with those audaciously lovely veggies.

And a few of my favorite meals…

2 summer food favorites

Cheesy scrambled eggs with sauteed kale and fresh fruit

2 summer food favorites

summer food favorite

I’m seeing a pattern – it’s eggs, greens and fruit for me!
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Week 22: Focus on Life from Studio Sublime
(beginning Friday evening)

Have a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend.

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  1. mmm, thanks for posting, I’ll have to try some of those, I like the one with the fruit. I’ve never had kale with eggs before, might have to try that!

  2. I do not eat eggs… that still look and taste like eggs, so although your pictures are lovely I have no interest in any of the food!

  3. Your images are gorgeous!! Mine are bad I’m not looking forward to posting them later. These meals all look yummy 🙂

  4. Oka – well, I think your food pics are some of the best on the internet – just so you know! And, your choices look awesome,…I’m especially drooling over the past dish,….oh yum!

  5. Well it looks like you know what you’re doing when photographing food. Your photos are lovely and mouthwatering. That spinich omlet with fruit looks yummy!

  6. I have not had breakfast yet- now I’m good and hungry! I just got this book from the library- maybe you’d like it- Food photography : pro secrets for styling, lighting & shooting / Lara Ferroni.

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