Isn’t that a beautiful title?
I don’t know what the heck it means, but it sure is pretty so we’re rolling with it.


Last night we had a harvest moon – or so I hear – I slept right through it.

Sunbursts – check out the bee-utiful photo my unpaid offspring, part-time model took.
Nice, huh?

Studio dreams…

I am working like a dog and hoping I’ll be ready to show you the goods tomorrow for my wrap up. But I may have been a little too ambitious because we have company passing through tonight and tomorrow morning. So we’ll see.

And jammed toes!!! No, not toe jam, jammed toes!
I didn’t mention that in my title?

I jammed my toe on Saturday and was going to take a picture of it. Actually, I did take several pictures. But then I looked at them. That disgusting toe coupled with the black one on the other foot (the result of dropping an ottoman on my foot) would have been more than the average woman could handle. So, you can thank me for leaving that one out.

Until tomorrow…


  • The photo you offspring took is just awesome! They did a wonderful job! That sucks about your jammed toes, that hurts (speaking from experience, broke toe once and never ever want to do that again!). Have a great night!

  • Yeah, thanks for leaving out the black toe picture.

    We have a gorgeous harvest moon tonight!! I picked the boys up from soccer tonight, and we were all amazed by how big and orange and gorgeous it was, hanging in the sky front of us.

    Enjoy your visitors –


  • Ditto leaving out the toe pics, too much info…..I still have a crooked toe when it was broken in high school, tripped over the base of the balance beam, dah….very painful. Beautiful pic, can’t wait to see new stuff!!

  • Gaa – I rolled across the grass last night because of that stupid moon – it was pitch black here and I had to pick up one of the boys from play practice. Poor toe – bet it looks like a tiny shrunken dracula…..maybe you could dress it up for Halloween ? Feel better .

  • Props to the model for such a great pic of the sun peeping around the clouds. That’s awesome!

    Can’t wait to see pics of what has been keeping you busy. Enjoy your company 🙂

  • WhooWee WoooWzie!! Wonderful photo model photographer!

    ….thanks for leaving the toe out… however I feel your pain.. how can such little digits cause such grief!

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