sunshine and warmth (and wallpaper)




With bone chilling temperatures outside, I search out the warmth of the sun streaming in through a window as it creates an interesting new wallpaper and warms the space. (seems I share this trait with my cat)

Friday. And February! This weekend will be like any other day to me as I frantically prepare to head to Cincinnati. (why is it always so frantic?) Need to finish leather bags this weekend & photograph (to list early next week), pack, do laundry, grocery shop, bank, pack some more, blah, blah, blah.

Oh! And speaking of wallpaper…

Floral iPhone & iPad Wallpaper
Did you see the new February calendar? Just to your left and UP. This month I have two desktop versions as well as pretty awesome backgrounds for your iPhone and iPad. (it’ll probably work just as well on any smart phone or tablet) Please, take one (or more) for yourself and enjoy!
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  1. Cool idea to use your gorgeous print/calendar as a background on the ipad/phone! Personally, it cannot get cold enough for this midwesterner at heart! I hope Sophie is still getting better! Safe travels for you both!

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