Tea Time

Last weekend I treated our recently graduated from college daughter to a girl's weekend at the beach. Honestly, it was a more than a bit of a treat for me as well since we're not beach people and, therefore, rarely go. When we weren't partaking of some sort of food or beverage, we were beach walking or wading and people watching. Pure torture all the way.

Right? I mean, who would enjoy that?

Before I ran away from home vacationed, I painted this little still life. I love the moodiness of it all. Both moody and peaceful because I snapped this shot a few years ago while out of town. Think I had a cold and was heavily nursing with tea and vitamin C and probably junk TV. Anyhow, it was was one of my favorite little shots.

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  1. What a wonderful, and very special time for you and your daughter.
    I wish her very big congratulations and all the very best in the future.
    I also just love your painting!!
    Happy day to you,

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