Ready for a few fabulous tee shirt tutorials? In honor of the project I’m working on right now, I’m giving you a list of my favorite tee shirt tutorials. I am always in awe of the variety of fun things you can do with these stretchy, boxy little things.
: Tee Shirt Tutorials :


  • I’ve seen a lot of ruffles around recently and I like them but I dont know if they like me. This is a great cheap way to find out!

  • What can I say. Amazing. Make me sigh…. My sewing machine will cry if she’ll see this.
    I have tons of old but still good tees that just need a facelift.
    I love the ideas of recreating and reusing so much but find myself struggling with the making.
    Thanks for the inspiration. I must give it a try!

  • I’ve been meaning to tell you, after reading these wonderful tuts the other day, I started cutting some various things that need redoing,and they are now……. cut. Next step is to actually do something with them, since they are completely different from any of these great examples!! Thanks for the new projects!!! LOL! How is your’s coming along?

  • Debi, that’s great! I expect to see the end results. My project is practically finished, but I had to put it to the side for a day or two because I keep selling these cursed bags! lol. Mr. Waterstone says it’s a nice problem to have. I can’t seem to get ahead. Feel like a little mouse on one of those spinnie things. 🙂

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