studio waterstone recycled leather handbags

It’s time for Wednesday’s Question.

I’m curious…

What’s your favorite tool and why?

*I currently have two, my pencil/sketch pad and my seam ripper.
FYI: Handbag from this sketch.


  • I have loved my cordless Dewalt drill ever since Mom gave it to my on my 21st birthday. I ran around the house with it, pulling the trigger and yelling TOWANDA at the time.

    Or did you mean strictly craft related? Because then it would be a toss up between my smashers and my pliers when working at the torch 🙂

  • I am always saying how much I love my little torch…it is sooooo sweet!
    I love your new design, especially the big flap with the magnetic closure.

  • My split ring plier without a doubt have saved my nails as well as my sanity. And I love love my little embroidery scissors.. sharp, pointed and just the right size to clip into tight spots!

  • Kelly, I don’t know how anyone can LIVE without a good cordless drill!(TOWANDA-love it)!
    I also have a small seam ripper that I love, and can not find another one like it. Hope I never loose it! Also, my rotary cutters! Great question, Lori!

  • OH! OOOOH! OOOOHHH! you’re killing me with these gorgeous bags! I need to win the lottery….

    favorite tool? besides my groovy cool, cheapo plastic magnifying glasses? mallet, rawhide mallet. and pliers. any kind of pliers. love pliers. I’m a manually fixated kind of gal.

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