Enthusiasm abounds. Emotions are at an all time high and a much needed holiday week is in front of me. In all honesty, I’ll probably pop in because, well, this is what I love.

Thought I’d show you what became of the two, most recent projects. One is in the shop and one will be later today. I sincerely love the fabric and leather combinations and the backpack? Let’s just say that the model and I are kind of fighting over it.


This wool is the coolest – I’ll squeeze out every scrap. And you can’t see it in these photos, but the leather is so super distressed – in a really good way.

This came together surprisingly well – like riding a bike, on a clear day, with no rocks or slippery stuff on the path. So much so that I’ll make another.


Special weekend/week/holiday plans?
I’ll be prepping and cleaning for company next week. And, of course, Jeff will be coming home from Ohio – YAY! Scariest part? I’ll be in charge of the Thanksgiving feast.

For the first time.

Ever. Yep, Jeff (a.k.a. Mr. Waterstone) is the real cook in the family.

Help a girl out.

Favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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