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Happy Friday everyone!  Special plans this weekend?  Or will you be staying close to home after last week’s holiday busy-ness?  Personally, I’m taking the latter.  And since I’m hot on handbags at the moment, I’ll probably be doing a little of that…or maybe a little of this.
A very doable patchwork pillow in vibrant colors.
Did I show you this yet?  Well, I am truly in love with this..
butterflies made from maps and framed in a shadow box.  Really!
Learn how right here with Bromeliad.
Sew Mama Sew teaches you how to make this adorable 
gardner’s apron…or artist’s apron…or jeweler’s apron…you get the picture.
Not sure about the neon – but this is seriously tempting.
Yes, I found yet one more pallet project.  Will it ever end???
But, seriously, is this not sweet?  And easy.  And doable.
Okie doke.  Now head out, armed with your new to-do list
and have yourself a fantastic weekend.
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  1. Oh my, just yesterday I was pondering over a pallet we have and wondering what I could do with it…off to check out the link, thanks! xo

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