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A belated TGIF y’all from rainy Atlanta.  Well, it was actually only rainy this morning.  However, with our already drought-like conditions, I pulled on the old polka-dot rain boots and splashed a bit.  Just a bit because that’s all we got.  A bit. But hey, I’m not complaining.
I’m headed to Ohio tomorrow morning via North Carolina as I attend a very sad funeral (aren’t all funerals sad?  I’m hoping that, maybe, this funeral will celebrate her life rather than mourn her death.)  Anyway, after that I meander through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Kentucky and finally Ohio to see my sweetie for a few weeks.  Yeehaw!  (southern again)
Who will love Sophie and Oreo while I’m gone, you ask?  Why my fantastically capable house-sitters, that’s who.  They will be sufficiently spoiled and loved the entire time.
The pets…not the house-sitters.

And another thing…
You know why I didn’t TGIF until late Friday night???
Because I was busier than a one armed paper hanger.
(my very, very favorite southern phrase)
So have a wonderful Saturday.  Enjoy yourself while you’re NOT thinking that I’m driving 4.5 hours then waking up and driving another 7 hours.  No, don’t think about that at all.  I certainly won’t because I’ll see people I love and, yes, it is worth it.  Yes. Yes, it certainly is.
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