Hello Gorgeous! Yes, I’m talking to you. Thankfulness is in the air today – from the food that we are able to put on the table to the friends I’ve met through this stinkin’ blog. Because sometimes you get to experience pure kindness and generosity – the kind that makes your week. This is what I’m thankful for at the moment…

livewire jewelry studio waterstone

Sharon sent this fantastic, sparkly pair of delicious earrings!
Any suggestions for hiding jewelry from a snoopy 18 year old?

gardanne beads studio waterstone
Anne sent three of her scrumptious handmade pendants!
Me thinks that Anne is a mind reader because green is my favorite color.
la bella joya studio waterstone
Marcie sent these! I’m going to incorporate them into a few handbags.
And I will never comprehend how she does such intricate work.

kelleys beads studio waterstone
And Kelley passed these babies along because we pulled a trade.
My daughter for beautiful, handmade glass buttons. I think I got the better end of this deal.

Thank you, thank you sweet ladies.


What the heck about dog translators???

Remember this week’s post about earth shattering, life or death questions?
Okay, I was tricky. The third question asked to translate Sophie’s statement…

Courtney wins! Her answer:
“Sophie would like some wet food mixed in with her dry.”
Thank you, Courtney. You can now add Dog Whisperer to your list of talents.


See you on Friday with the weekly wrap-up. And don’t forget to drop a link with your comment so that we can see how your week wraps up.


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