the end. or is it?

the end

the end

Good morning friends. Warm and Atlanta muggy here with afternoon thunder pops every day. I’ve determined that the seasons are a vicious cycle. Just as we pass through the middle of one we’re dreaming of the next (scarves, boots, sweaters, beef stew). However, some things I will dearly miss as summer ends.

So, here it is. The last haul of summer. Oh, how I’m miss the deep flavor and drippiness of our ripened summer tomatoes. I have a few greenies to ripen on the counter because my poor plants developed a fungus and dropped all of their leaves – must investigate. Know anything about this sort of thing?

And I had to show you the last of our vidalia onions. Oh vidalia. Aren’t they pretty?

Still harvesting? And are you dreaming of cooler days, scarves and sweaters? Do tell.

And have a lovely day.

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  1. Fab shots of your harvest. This summer has been tooooo hot for my nordic blood so I am looking forward to autumn….my favorite season,,,however I do like summer for all the tasty goodies in my garden and the beauty of the flowers. I just could do with a little less heat:)but living in Georgia I know you know all too well everything about heat,,,atleast we don’t have your humidity. Have a good weekend!

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