The Thyroid That Wouldn’t Go Away


How goes it with you? We are thrilled to have rain for the first time in…months? Hoping and praying that the terrible wildfires here in the southeast will finally be silenced. I’ll take mud over dust any day of the week.Well folks, it’s going to be one of those not so creatively inspiring, cut to the chase posts. Sorry. Promise to get back to it after this. I’ll make it quick and painless – like pulling off a bandaid.

For several years, I’ve had an autoimmune disorder known as Graves Disease. In 2015 I had the radioactive iodine treatment, which successfully shrank my thyroid and set my body on a course towards normal which is great. Except…

Tiny leftover thyroid retaliated. The treatment triggered a flare of another branch (?) of Graves known as Thyroid Eye Disease. Stupid thyroid.

I’ve pulled back from business and blogging and everything else because one major side effect has been double vision. No more driving. No TV or movies without wearing a super sexy eye patch. Wearing dark sunglasses helps somewhat when outside. Bright lights are a no-no. My triggers seem to be bright lights, peripheral vision and depth perception. I can read as long as I don’t binge. (Yay!)  I’m hanging with the dog and the fam…they call me Miss Daisy. 😕

Good news is that it’s not forever. There is an inflammation phase which lasts 2-3 years and then my eyes will begin to improve. There is some thought that having a total thyroidectomy can set the improvement phase in motion so I’ll be having that done in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed, folks.Stupid thyroid.

My Studio

Business News: I have closed up shop for the rest of the year (hopefully no longer) but if you’d like anything between now and the 9th, please give me a shout and I will try to make it happen.  Of course, my Society 6 shop remains open for business.

My Studio

And now for a laugh. Preparing for Thanksgiving was CRAZY! We all pitched in. Even Lucy, who takes naps whenever (and wherever) the mood strikes…


See you around! Enjoy the holidays. Eat some pie. I know I will.

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