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…Jessie and I went to a matinee this afternoon to see The Hunger Games and OMGosh.  So, so good. I thought that they did a great job adapting the book. I only cried once…okay twice.
Seen it?  Read it?
…Started a new sketch today that began as swirls and ended as something entirely different. I think this will be my first draft and I’ll do another sans the swirls. Loving the odd flowers and the rain – and the rain sprinklers at the top. Oh, and the border. Like that, too.




…Anyone interested in another leather scrap giveaway? Tune in Wednesday.
…I am hooked on this song. LOVE it. And the video makes me want to paint real bad.


So, what’s up with you?

Posted in my sketchbook.


  1. I totally admire your artistic talents; your April Showers page is so creative and I love it visually. The video/music is catchy, the video clip was also very creative (and different).

  2. Your work is MarVeLous Darling!!!

    I am soooo in love with Gotye! Thanks for the introduction .. leave it to the Aussies to be so brilliant! Did you see the vid for “Hearts A Mess” the animation is amazing!

    Have a grand week ♥ with lots of sunshine

  3. I love the April Showers message with the rain drops! My husband and I saw Hunger Games and really enjoyed it. We haven’t read the book, but we want to now.

  4. Yes I’ve both read and seen The Hunger Games and loved them both. I was happy with the changes they made for the movie (and that’s rare for me when it comes to movie adaptations of books) I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it too!

    Your sketch is inspiring as always. Your drawings always give me the urge to draw. . .or to at least to do some coloring 😉

  5. Love the sketch. And the border, that is so awesome! Looking forward to seeing you for lunch next week. And hearing what you’re up to (or will be soon enough) with designing/painting fabrics.

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