The top of the list for our family isn’t purses or jewelry today. (I know! What a crime, right?) But, the prom is tonight. I’ll be taking a long nap this afternoon because there is no way on God’s green earth I’ll be sleeping tonight. Why? Because the high school found the need to host the prom 30 miles away in downtown Atlanta rather than closer to home. AND we’re expecting severe weather. Perfect recipe, don’t you think? Oh, enough parental griping.
moving on…
I announced my newest giveaway yesterday. So if you haven’t already, click the link or the picture to enter. It’s super easy and so worth it that you’d be crazy NOT to enter to win the reclaimed leather wristlet. Isn’t it sweet?
waterstone giveaway
On to what happened in the studio this week.


waterstone reclaimed recycled leather wristlet clutch
{ new, smaller & more affordable wristlets with key fobs,
created using reclaimed leather and other materials, of course }

waterstone reclaimed recycled leather wristlet clutch

waterstone reclaimed recycled leather necklace
{ new necklaces using reclaimed leather }

waterstone lori plyler reclaimed recycled necklace

waterstone jewelry lori plyler
{ new linen & stone necklaces }
Okay, that’s what happened in my studio. How about yours?
Hoping your weekend is fabulous.


  • You do such amazing work! I love the new necklaces! Leather can be so beautiful and yet so manly at times. It's got to be one of the most versatile materials we have. Good luck with prom. That 30 miles only adds to the parental fear.

  • Gorgeous things! I spent my time getting things ready to put in a consignment shop. I take it there tomorrow. Then it will be back to making things for my etsy shop.

    Hope they have a great Prom!

  • wow! all are so lovely!

    i agree on the 30 miles away, common sense anyone? i can't imagine the whole prom thing, my kids are still little but that will be me too, awake until i hear them come in! hope you have a nice day! susan

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