tutorials, banners and bags – oh my!

Does Monday cause this reaction?

It sure does with Mr. W, who has exactly two weeks to find an apartment, buy a car and update his wardrobe. He’s not one of those, “you go out and buy my clothes, babe” kind of guys. I gladly step aside and retreat into my humble studio as he screams like a Disney created pirate.

I, however, have lots to share this week! Jumping back into the saddle with a fun new tutorial for Tuesday’s post. It involves recycled leather and a part of your body. That’s all I’m saying about that.

Guess what? I’ve taken up graphic design! From time to time someone will ask for assistance designing something pretty or blog working, etc.


One such person was Erin Siegel of Erin Siegel Jewelry. She asked me to design a new banner for her blog. I did. She loved it. I said, “Hey! I kinda like this! I could design banners and other thingies!” And the rest is history. For more info, just click on that little button on my linkbar or if you’re really lazy, click here.

The handbags. No I haven’t forgotten the bags. As my dear mama said, “I’m working harder than a one-armed paper hanger!” Seriously, it’s kinda true – the arm’s still quite tender and pacing continues to be the word of the day. But several new bags and clutches will be in the works this week and I can’t WAIT to show you as the week goes on.

What are you looking forward to doing as the new week begins?
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