The most brave thing that I did this week (and possibly the most stupid) was to become a cone. Yes, Jessie is ready to take her final driver’s test and, believe it or not, they make you parallel park – something she’s still a little foggy on. So, in light of the fact that we didn’t have cones, I put paper plates in a parking lot so that Jes could practice. She couldn’t actually SEE the paper plates, so I, being the fabulous and daring mother that I am, became a cone. Happily, I survived.

Waterstone in the studio:
I’m so truly in love with and passionate about using reclaimed materials to created new purses. Something about searching for weathered leather gives me a thrill. Each one is different and the possibilities are endless. To see more views, click on the images.

waterstone reclaimed leather purses
Wasn’t it nice of my model to give me a back shot?
(hint, hint: it’s because she wants me to take her to get her driver’s license)
waterstone reclaimed leather purses
Beginning to incorporate reclaimed and found materials in each of my jewelry creations. With the piece below, the pendant is from an older necklace. For me, I hold onto a piece until the right opportunity arises. This pendant seems to compliment the olive jade and light blue amazonite perfectly. Isn’t the back button clasp cute?
waterstone jewelry
That’s it for now.
Hoping you have an inspired, creative week.

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  • You are always inspiring! Beautiful work! I am soooo far behind from being in Portland for a month…ugh..
    Have a great weekend!

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