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Here’s one for you. You’re searching for your dream cabin in the woods. What’s on your list? I’ve been compiling a “short” list here for some time.

After tons of research, Jeff and I will be heading to the mountains this weekend to search for a weekend getaway/eventual permanent home. We are over the moon excited as our hearts have always been in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Wish me luck!

And then next week we have a big crowd coming in to share gobs of food, fun and laughter. I’ve been getting ready for this for weeks and there’s still lots to do.

Back to that mountain cabin…what’s on your wish list? I would love your input!

Have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy the turkey and stay safe. I’ll see you here in a week. Until then, I’ll try to keep this updated. Join me?

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  1. Sounds divine and like an amazing adventure. For me, a nice porch, would love water, rooms that get sun during the entire day, space for family and friends. 🙂

  2. I know this sounds crazy since most of the time you want to “get away” while at a cabin, but we stayed at this lovely little cabin in the heart of Asheville, but because it was so wooded it was super private, however, being close-ish to a grocery store and the downtown area was wonderful, so I would say a good little town within a short driving distance is super helpful!

  3. The Blue Ridge is beautiful. SC has really favorable tax treatment for seniors. TN does not (or did not) have income tax. NC is beautiful. If you get a chance swing down to the Cherokee Reservation lands in NC- they are integrated with non-reservation lands and a place I would love to explore more- they reminded me much of the Rocky Mountains.

    Marcie mentioned Asheville, it is expensive there. Blowing Rock is a nice alternative. Both locations give you access to local arts and relatively easy access to Charlotte which is a great escape when you need a bit of urban access. (I lived in Charlotte, it has its charms.)

    And I did not even mention the Shenandoah Valley which is also gorgeous.

  4. Best wishes on your cabin hunt! Our family tradition was to get away to a small mountain town the day after Thanksgiving. Even better thrill if it snowed. Ten years ago, we made the leap to purchasing a cabin that was big enough to accommodate our family of ten. What a blessing to share with them, our friends, and neighbors. My must have was a fireplace or stove, since we don’t have one in our home. Absolutely love watching a fire in our wood burning stove while reading a good book, with a cup of tea.

  5. stopped by and see you are on your way out! have a most wonderful time with your honey. how awesome to be on the search for a getaway .. and eventual permanent… you will know when you see it. your heart will tell you so. my cabin ideal .. would be mountain view but in the trees.. by a meadow and a beautiful stream.. plenty of sunshine and an area for a picnic table and all kinds of outdoor gatherings.
    have fun!!

  6. oh you lucky thing! I have always wanted a little country retreat.. never going to happen! But if I did have one I would like.. views, veranda, stone fireplace, water source, river/creek and also tank water. Insect screens/ place for veggie garden and possibly a little town close by.

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